Quartz Vs. Granite Countertops

posted on 01 Jul 2015 13:05 by piquanttroupe7059
Kitchen countertop is among one of the most visible part of the kitchen. It is one of the rocks formed from molten magma and consists of numerous minerals and crystals, including feldspar and quartz. Granite is available in several styles and colors such as pink, black, gray, brown, and 275 other varieties. Finding the useful information about kansas city kitchen remodel advantages and disadvantages of both silestone and granite should help us understand which product (countertop stone) is better. A countertop plays a vital role in both the looks and utility aspect in the kitchen.

Granite countertops are durable and easy to maintain, however, undertaking the proper precautions can prevent it from being damaged. Most showrooms will have friendly, courteous and knowledgeable salespeople on the floor ready to assist you by walking you through the different type of countertops they offer. If you might be trying to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom, and elect to go using a marble or granite countertop, depending around the colour scheme you\'ve chosen, marble or granite won\'t only last due to the durability of the material, however, is will increase the worthiness and ambiance of the area with how nice the material will look. It is sourced from different countries and therefore, one can choose from a variety of designs. One should therefore, assess the requirements and make a suitable choice in the choice of materials for countertops.

Finally, in the wedding you are looking for an eco-friendly option to embellish your home, then travertine will be the best choice for you, since it is definitely an environment-friendly natural product. Once you have finished installing a granite countertop, you can just just forget about it. It is more affordable than granite and a few other marble types. Moreover, budget is another factor which has to become taken into account. Travertine is extremely good at reflecting light, which helps to make the kitchen a brighter destination to work in.

Hot Dishes Spoil the Surface: Though granite countertops can withstand tons of abuse, its surface can get chipped if steaming hot pots and pans are placed directly onto the granite. You either can seal the granite countertop on your own or seek professional assistance. This is because these common household cleaning agents contain acids, alkalies along with other chemicals, which may damage the granite. Color of granite stones vary on the basis of mineralogy and chemistry. Travertine is extremely good at reflecting light, which makes the kitchen a brighter spot to work in.

Granite and silestone, both have their particular set of benefits and limitations. You should make use of coasters while keeping any beverage cup or glass in your countertop, and in case of any experience of acidic material like vinegar, juices, wine, etc. However, in the wedding you are looking for a countertop which can be stain and also heat resistant and thus, will let you cook without a care in the world, will end up in for any soapstone countertop.