My Favorite 1970\'s Bubble Gum Pop Albums

posted on 28 May 2015 01:40 by piquanttroupe7059
My Favorite Flavors of Bubble Gum Pop, 70\'s StyleMy favorite teen idols of the 1970\'s were young and dreamy looking, with shaggy hair which was just the right length being considered long and smoldering eyes that seemed to look Lip Sync right at you in the covers of their record album. These guys had voices that made tween and teen girls swoon. These guys had voices that made tween and teen girls swoon. Don\'t dole it out being a miser.

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The kids sing songs that were popular at this time, too as some originals you heard about the show. The business end of music was highly focused on musicians creating a marketable image. Which perhaps triggered other issues.

It seems as the early 80s experienced the thrilling transformation of putting music to video, at exactly the same time it also removed the mystery. . . . With saccharine sweet lyrics along with a beat you can dance to, these bubble gum pop albums would play endlessly on my record player that I stored under my bed.

Since those remarkable early times of video, music has certainly transformed to mesh with technology. However, around the plus side, in the big event you did not have cable, likelihood is a buddy did! Many teens, and music loving adults, happily spent hours upon hours glued to the tube watching the celebrated songs they loved come alive in front of their eyes. Perhaps video truly did kill the air star.

These 1970\'s pop albums received a lot of play time not only on my turntable, but on tween and teen girls acros America and across the world. Just playing a couple of of these songs puts me in a better mood. Just playing several of these songs puts me inside a better mood. Perhaps video truly did kill the radio star.